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As we have a heavy custom build of Slimefun everything here is a guide, but all aspects are subject to change or to be removed completely.


Grandma's Walking Stick or Grandpa's Walking Stick

The walking sticks are two deadly weapons that you inherited from your grandparents. The Grandma's Walking Stick has Knockback II on it and the Grandpa's Walking Stick has Knockback V, to hit your opponents even further!

Sword of Beheading

The Sword of Beheading (Iron Sword) has a chance to behead Mobs, meaning that you can get their heads by killing them. Killing a Wither Skeleton with this sword also has a higher chance of getting a Wither Skeleton Skull than a normal Sword with Looting III. Enchantments can be applied to it.

Blade of Vampires

This unique (golden) sword is enchanted with Sharpness II, Unbreaking IV, Fire Aspect II and Life Steal I, every time you attack something you have a 45% chance to recover 2 Hearts of your Health.

Seismic Axe

"A portable Earthquake..." By creating a wave of blocks, this powerful iron axe pushes any entities away from it in an area of 10x1. The target(s) get(s) pushed 4 blocks far into the direction the player who is using it looks at. You can use this Item by right-clicking it, however it may lose some durability rather quickly.

Soulbound Sword or Soulbound Bow

The soulbound weapons are pretty self explanatory, you simply do not loose them on death. The 2 weapons that can be soulbound are a diamond sword and a bow. They pretty much function like normal weapons - you can enchant these as well.

Icy Bow or Explosive Bow

Slimefun adds 3 "special" Bows, the Icy Bow, the Explosive Bow and the Soulbound Bow. They act like a normal bow as well - you can put enchantments on them - but they also have a special ability.

  • Explosive Bow - The Explosive Bow launches the entity it hit up into the air.
  • Icy Bow - The Icy Bow gives any entity it hits slowness and a negative Jump Boost for 2 seconds, preventing them from moving.
  • Soulbound Bow - The Soulbound Bow is not dropped on death.

See: Soulbound Weapons

Various Items

Portable Crafter

Right Clicking this item will open up a common crafting table, to do all of your crafting on the go.

NOTE: You cannot craft any items that involve the Enhanced Crafting Table.

Portable Dustbin

Right clicking this item will open up a chest-like inventory in which you can drop any items you want to get rid of. Closing it will PERMANENTLY destroy any items you put in it.

Ender Backpack

Right clicking the Ender Backpack will open up your ender chest. That's it.

Rag, Bandage, Splint, Vitamins, or Medicine

  • Medical Supplies - The medical supplies are items that you can use to heal yourself. They can especially be useful in hardcore servers, where you cannot regenerate health. There are currently 4 Medical Supplies, listed below.
  • Rag - The Rag is a Level I Medical Supply. Right clicking it will restore 2 Hearts of your health, and will extinguish you if you are on fire.
  • Bandage - The Bandage is a Level II Medical Supply. It is basically a Rag, but it restores 4 Hearts of your health (2 additional hearts). Just like the Rag, it will extinguish you if you are on fire as well.
  • Splint - The Splint is a Level I Medical Supply. It restores 2 Hearts of your health.
  • Vitamins - The Vitamins are the only Level III Medical Supply. Consuming it will restore 4 Hearts of your health, and cure you from any poison, wither and/or radiation effects.


Backpacks are a collection of utilities in which you can store items. When you initially open a Backpack, it gets assigned a UUID. The UUID's format is basically this: (Player's UUID)#(Number of Player's backpack)

The Backpack's restrictions are that you cannot name them, and put backpacks into other backpacks, as that would be overpowered. NOTE: When you open a backpack, you can NOT upgrade it anymore.

  • Small Backpack - The Small Backpack can store up to 9 stacks of items.
  • Backpack - The Backpack is the normal sized backpack, being able to hold 18 stacks of items.
  • Large Backpack - The Large Backpack is basically a portable chest, holding 27 stacks of items (3 rows).
  • Woven Backpack - The Woven Backpack can hold up to 36 stacks of items.
  • Gilded Backpack - The Gilded Backpack is the biggest backpack one could make. It can hold a total amount of 45 stacks of items, or 5 rows.
  • Soulbound Backpack - The Soulbound Backpack (similar to the other soulbound items) is an item that you cannot loose on death. It functions just like a normal backpack, holding 36 stacks of items.


The cooler is a nifty gadget which ONLY allows you to store juices and smoothies, it can hold a total of 27 stacks of items. But the cooler's biggest and best feature is the fact that when you loose hunger and you have a smoothie/juice stored in it, it will automatically consume one for you and restore your hunger bar.

Basic Machines

Enhanced Crafting Table

The Enhanced Crafting Table is the most basic and essential Slimefun machine.

Setup - To build it, you simply need to place a crafting table above a dispenser, just like this:


To be sure that you have built it correctly, right click the crafting table. If you see a message saying "Sorry, I could not recognize this Pattern...", it means that you have built it correctly, and you can move on. Otherwise, please check the picture again to make sure you have built it correctly. Also make sure you are using a Dispenser. And not a Dropper...


When opening the page of an item in your Slimefun Guide, pay attention to the Recipe Type on the left side of the Recipe. If the Recipe Type says "Enhanced Crafting Table", it is crafted in this particular Machine. Open the dispener, and put the Items in the Pattern your Slimefun Guide shows you into the Dispenser. Then just right click the crafting table. If the materials you have put into the dispenser are a valid recipe, you will hear a note block sound, and the Item you wanted to craft can be found inside the dispenser. Example:


This recipe was used to create Electric Motors, a crafting component that is used in many machines. To make it, you require to have 6 Copper Ingots, and 1 Electromagnet. If I right click the crafting table and look in the dispenser again, the result should look like this:


Grind Stone

The Grind Stone can be used for various crafting recipes, like for instance, creating sulfate out of netherrack. On many machines, you can see the recipe it can make under its building setup:


NOTE: The dispenser has to be facing UP, and the fence type has to be OAK, anything else is invalid.

Example Picture of the Grind Stone:


Armor Forge

The Armor Forge is used to create special armor, like Ender Armor, Slime Armor, Cactus Armor etc.

An example of its setup:


Ore Crusher

The Ore Crusher is used to crush stuff like 1 iron ore in 2 iron dust.

An example of its setup can be seen here:


And the recipes you can make on it can be seen in here:



The compressor is mostly used to create carbon, which is used in recipes like steel, and for the production of carbonado.

You can see an example of it's setup here:


And here are it's recipes:



The smeltery is one of the most important machines as well. It is used to smelt dusts into ingots and to make alloys. NOTE: The smeltery requires to have a flame under it to work. While smelting items, the fire might randomly go out, meaning you will have to reignite it.

Example of its setup:



  • Put a piece of netherrack 2 blocks under the smeltery, so the fire instantly stays on.
  • Make a redstone clock leading into a dispenser filled with Flint & Steel. This will get rid of the rid of constant need to refire the smeltery, so you can focus on crafting!

Pressure Chamber

The Pressure Chamber can be used to pressurize stuff. To activate it, right click the cauldron under the glass piece. If the recipe you put in it is valid, smoke particles will appear in the middle of the glass, and 3 second after, the result should appear inside the dispenser.

A picture of it's setup can be seen here:


Magic Workbench

The Magic Workbench is the first machine you should make when you want to get started with Magic. It can craft various things like Elemental Staves, etc.

An example of it's setup can been seen here:


Ore Washer

The Ore Washer is yet an another essential machine if you want to progress Slimefun's tech tree. It allows you to wash Sifted Ore, from which you can randomly get the following dust types (Order from the most common to the rarest):

Iron Dust Gold Dust Aluminum Dust Zinc Dust Tin Dust Copper Dust Magnesium Dust

Lead Dust Silver Dust

The dusts are mainly used to be smelted into their corresponding ingots, or into alloys. An example of its setup can been seen here:


Saw Mill

The Saw Mill is a machine which allows you to get 8 Wooden Planks, from 1 piece of wood. Place a piece of wood (Log) over the crafting table and then right click the table. By clicking it, the Log will break, and you will get 8 Wooden Planks. To reload it, simply place an another Log on top of the Crafting Table and repeat the same process. A picture of it's setup can be seen here, when the Saw Mill is unloaded:


And this is a picture of it when it is loaded:


Digital Miner and Advanced Digital Miner

The Digital Miners are 2 machines that are a gigantic facility when you get started with mining. The two Digital Miner types can been seen below.

Digital Miner

The Digital Miner's mining range is a 9x9, and it will mine till the bedrock level. The only thing that it can mine are the normal vanilla ores. To activate it, you need to right click the dispener. If any ores are found in that 9x9 area, you will see the breaking particles of the corresponding ore, and after 5 seconds, the broken ore will appear inside the chest above it.

A picture of it working can be found here:


Advanced Digital Miner

The Advanced Digital Miner's speciality is, that you can get the crushed version of that ore without the need of an Ore Crusher! This can be especially useful if you want to save time by not making an Ore Crusher. Not only that, but it also has a bigger range, 13x13. The only downside of the Advanced Digital Miner is, that instead of Iron Blocks, 24-Carat Gold Blocks are needed, which can be rather expensive for somebody who just started out.

A picture of it working can be found here:


Automated Panning Machine

The Automated Panning Machine is a Multiblock version of the portable Gold Pan. Right clicking the trapdoor with gravel will consume the gravel block and you will notice gravel breaking particles coming out of the cauldron. After 5 seconds, you will either get a piece of Flint, Clay or Sifted Ore.

Here is a picture of it operating:



In the Juicer you can make juices, which you can use in the cooler. There are currently only 4 juices: Apple, Watermelon, Carrot and Pumpkin Juice. If you are looking for a lot more juices, the add-on ExoticGarden might be something for you!


The Composter can be used to compost various materials. Some of the materials that it can compost are leaves into dirt, or wheat into netherwart. This can be especially useful if you do not have access to the Nether, or if you are playing on a Skyblock server. Right click the Composterwith the material you would like to compost. Accepted materials are shown in the guide.


In the Crucible you can convert Leaves into Water, and Cobblestone into Lava. By right clicking the Crucible, with 16 Leaves or Cobblestone, liquid will start building over time. When it is ready, a water/lava block will appear over the crucible, which you can collect using a bucket. The processing time is 12,5 seconds. This can be very useful if you are playing on a Skyblock server, since this would be the only way to get more lava.

Enhanced Furnace (Tier I-XI), Reinforced Furnace and Carbonado-Edged Furnace

Enhanced Furnaces (CURRENTLY DISSABLED DUE TO BUG - Fix will be made soon)

The Enhanced Furnaces is a collection of a special type of furnaces, which have an enhanced processing speed, fuel efficiency or luck. Currently, there are a total of 13 enhanced furnaces. In the following table you can see their modifiers


Block Placer

The Block Placer is a machine which will place blocks from it's inventory in front of it, if it is provided with a redstone signal.


Gold Pan

The Gold Pan is the simplest way of getting Sifted Ore, an item which can be used in an Ore Washer to get different types of dusts. To use it, right click it on a piece of gravel. The gravel block will disappear, and a piece of Flint, Clay, or Sifted Ore will drop on it's location.


A very good way of finding gravel is by going in an ocean, while being equipped with a Scuba Helmet and a pair of boots enchanted with Depth Strider.

Grappling Hook

The Grappling Hook is an item which allows you navigate through the terrain like Spiderman! By right clicking this item, an arrow with a leash behind it will get shoot. Where it lands is the location you will get pulled at. The grappling hook you used will be dropped on the location the arrow landed, so that means the grappling hook is reusable.

Smelter's Pickaxe

The Smelter's Pickaxe is a Diamond Pickaxe which will smelt anything it breaks. It can be enchanted, and Fortune works with it as well.

Lumber Axe

The Lumber Axe is a diamond Axe, which will cut a whole tree down by just breaking 1 block. Sometimes the logs won't be broken, if they aren't connected with each other.

Pickaxe of Containment

The Pickaxe of Containment is an Iron Pickaxe, which allows you to pick up Spawners by breaking them. When you break a Spawner with the pickaxe, it will drop a Broken Spawner. The Spawner itself cannot do anything, to make it placeable, you have to repair it first using the Altar.

Hercules' Pickaxe

The Hercules' Pickaxe is an Iron Pickaxe enchanted with Efficiency IV and Unbreaking II. What is unique about this Pickaxe, is that it can crush ores into their corresponding Dusts. For example, if you break an Iron Ore, you will get 2 Iron Dust. This means instead of putting together an Ore Crusher, the pickaxe does all the work for you.

Explosive Pickaxe

The Explosive Pickaxe is an unenchanted Diamond Pickaxe which can break the blocks in front of it in a 3x3x3 area, it can also be enchanted.

Pickaxe of the Seeker

The Pickaxe of The Seeker is an unenchanted Diamond Pickaxe, which when you right click, it will point you to the nearest Ore, but there is a chance that you will take a small amount of damage when doing so.

Pickaxe of Vein Mining

The Pickaxe of Vein Mining is a Diamond Pickaxe, which will break all the Ores on an Ore vein, if there is one.

Soulbound Pickaxe, Soulbound Axe, Soulbound Shovel and Soulbound Hoe

The Soulbound Tools are tools which won't be dropped on death, while they are in your inventory. There are a total of 4 tools that can be soulbound, these are the pickaxe, axe, shovel and hoe. You can enchant all of them just like tools.


The Food category contains various foods and juices.

Fortune Cookie

"Tells you stuff about your Future "

When a Fortune Cookie is consumed, a message will appear with something that will happen to you in the near future!

Beef Jerky

The Beef Jerky gives you back the same amount of food as a normal Steak, but it also gives you much more saturation.

Magic Sugar

"Feel the Power of Hermes!"

When consuming a Magic Sugar, it gives you Speed for 30 seconds.

Monster Jerky

The Monster Jerky is a version of the Rotten Flesh which doesn't give you hunger when consuming it.

Apple Juice, Carrot Juice, Melon Juice, and Pumpkin JuiceThe Food category adds a total of 5 juices. The Apple, Carrot, Melon, Pumkin and Golden Applejuice. The first 4 juices give you a bit of hunger back and saturation.

If you are looking for more Juices, check out the Slimefun Addon ExoticGarden

Golden Apple Juice

When consuming a Golden Apple Juice, it will give you Absorption for 20 seconds.


The Armor category adds various kinds of armor sets. Every armor set has to be crafted in an Armor Forge

Chain Armor

Slimefun adds a recipe, with which you can craft the different Chain armor pieces.

Damascus Steel Armor

Every Damascus Steel armor piece is enchanted with Protection IV and Unbreaking IV. This armor can be very useful when starting, since it doesn't require any expensive materials.

Gold Armor

This armor is no regular Golden Armor. Instead of using normal Gold, you can use 12-Carat Gold Ingots to create a very durable armor piece which has Unbreaking X on it.

Reinforced Armor

The Reinforced Armor is a very expensive armor set which is crafted using Reinforced Alloy Ingots. This Armor is very powerful, since each piece is enchanted with Protection IX and Unbreaking IX.

Gilded Iron Armor

The Gilded Iron Armor set is a special kind of golden armor. It is enchanted with Protection VIII and Unbreaking VI.

Hazmat Suit

The Hazmat Suit consists of 4 armor pieces. The Scuba Helmet, Hazmat Suit, Hazmat Suit Leggings, Rubber Boots. The Hazmat Suit will protect you from any sorts of radiation while you do your endgame crafting.

NOTE: You must be wearing the full Hazmat Suit in order to be resistant to Radiation

  • Scuba Helmet - The Scuba Helmet is a helmet which when you wear it, you will not loose any air points, meaning you can breath Underwater forever. It is also the part of the Hazmat Suit.
  • Hazmat Suit - The Hazmat Suit is the chest plate, which is main piece of the whole Hazmat Suit. It also gives you Fire Resistance as long as you are wearing it.
  • Hazmat Suit Leggings - The Hazmat Suit Leggings is the leggings piece of the whole Hazmat Suit. It does not have any special effects.
  • Rubber Boots - The Rubber Boots are the boot pair of the whole Hazmat Suit. It also does not have any special effects.

Cactus Armor

The Cactus Armor is a thorny armor set, made out from pure cactus. Every armor piece has Unbreaking V and Thorns III on it.


The Resources category includes all of the base materials for Slimefun crafting. For example Ingots, Dusts, etc.


Slimefun adds a total of 25 new ingots and alloys. Below you can see them in their corresponding categories.


Copper Ingot, Aluminum Ingot, Tin Ingot, Zinc Ingot, Silver Ingot, Magnesium Ingot, Lead Ingot, and Gold Ingot (4-24 Carat)


Blistering Ingot, Reinforced Alloy Ingot, Hardened Metal, Gilded Iron, Redstone Alloy Ingot, Ferrosilicon, Damascus Steel Ingot, Steel Ingot, Aluminum Bronze Ingot, Aluminum Brass Ingot, Corinthian Bronze Ingot, Brass Ingot, Bronze Ingot, Billon Ingot, Duralumin Ingot, Nickel Ingot, Cobalt Ingot, Solder Ingot


Slimefun adds a total of 9 dusts, which can be used in Ingot/Alloy smelting. Below you can see all of them listed.

You can get the following types of dust in an Ore Washer:



Valuables are Resources which are harder than the normal ones to get. Below you can see a list of all of them.

Synthetic Diamond, Synthetic Sapphire, Synthetic Emerald, Carbonado, Carbon Chunk, Carbon, Compressed Carbon, Raw Carbonado, Sulfate, and Silicon


Oil is an important resource if you want to create some end-game machines, as it is used to make Plastic Sheets, or it can be turned into Fuel, which can be burned into a Combustion Generator to create a moderate amount of power

Oil Generation

To get Oil, you need an Oil Pump. The Oil Pump itself cannot do anything, if the chunk it is placed in hasn't been scanned using a GEO Scanner. Each chunk has a certain amount of oil capacity, counted in millibuckets (1000 millibuckets = 1 Normal Bucket). Every time an Oil Pump pumps oil, 1000 millibuckets of that chunk's oil capacity will get depleted, till it goes to 0. Each chunk's oil capacity is determined based on it's biome, with a Deep Ocean having the most oil and a beach having the least.

Radioactive Materials

There are currently 4 radioactive elements on Slimefun. Boosted Uranium, Uranium, Neptunium, Plutonium. There are also 3 radioactive ingots, the Blistering Ingots. As in real life, these materials emit radiation, which can be deadly to the player without a Hazmat Suit Set.

  • Uranium - Uranium can be used to craft Blistering Ingots, it can also be used in a Nuclear Reactor to generate power and will decay into Neptunium.
  • Neptunium & Plutonium - These radioactive elements can be obtained by waiting for others to decay. So far, the order goes like this: Uranium -> Neptunium -> Plutonium. Plutonium is also used in many end-game recipes.
  • Boosted Uranium - Boosted Uranium is an enhanced version of Uranium. It is crafted in a Pressure Chamber, by combining 1 Plutonium and 1 Uranium together. It's only use is in the Nuclear Reactor, which generates 200KJ more than standard Uranium.
  • Blistering Ingots - Blistering Ingots are end-game crafting components. It emits radiation, which can be deadly to a player without proper protection. A Blistering Ingot has 3 crafting stages.

Magical Gadgets

Magical Eye of Ender

Right click to throw an Ender Pearl. You need to wear Ender Armor to use it.

Elemental Staff

Base item for Staffs. Can be infused with various magic elements to acquire a special effect.

  • Fire Staff: A stick with Fire Aspect V
  • Wind Staff: Right Click to launch yourself forward
  • Water Staff: Right Click to extinguish yourself

Infused Magnet

Hold Shift to automatically pickup all Items around you in a Radius of 8 Blocks.

Scroll of Dimensional Teleposition

This ancient scoll is capable of creating a temporary black hole which pulls nearby Entities into itself and sends them into another Dimension where everything is turned around.

In other words: Makes Entities turn by 180 Degrees

Flask of Knowledge

Right click to turn this into a Bottle of Experience. This will take 1 XP Level from you though.

Tome of Knowledge Sharing

Right Click to bind this to yourself. When bound to a Player, someone else can right click it to get all Research of the first Player.


The Talismans category contains a variety of Talismans to choose from. Some of these can be used an infinite amount of times, others will be consumed. Note that there are two different Tiers of Talismans. Tier II Talismans also work if you have them inside of your Ender Chest, Tier I Talismans require you to be carrying them in your Inventory.


Energy and Electricity

Note: These machines runs on Energy, so the following articles require you to have decent knowledge about Energy Networks before reading any further.

Automated Crafting Chamber

"Put in the Recipe you want to craft", "Enhanced Crafting Table Recipes ONLY"

The Automated Crafting Chamber is a machine that will output the item, which you have entered a recipe for. It will not work for vanilla recipes, only Slimefun recipes.

Animal Growth Accelerator

The Animal Growth Accelerator uses Organic Food to increase the growth rate of entities in a 3 by 3 by 3 radius.

Auto Anvil

The Auto Anvil is a machine that can be used to repair normal Minecraft Tools, Weapons, Armor, etc... but it can also be used to repair Slimefun Armor and Tools. Slimefun items cannot be used inside a normal anvil, and require an Auto Anvil to be repaired. The Auto Anvil has two inputs, one for the item you wish to repair and one for Duct Tape.

Energy Usage


Auto Breeder

The Auto Breeder uses Organic Food to breed ready-to-breed animals in a 4 by 2 by 4 radius.

Auto Dis-Enchanter

The Auto Disenchanter is a machine that is used to take off Enchantments via Enchanted Books on Slimefun or Vanilla Items. The amount of enchantments on the item determines the amount of time the item will take to disenchant. Enchantments that do not work on items, (ex. Efficiency on a Sword), will be applied but won't take extra time. The machine will output the un-enchanted item and a enchanted book.

Energy Usage (The Auto-Disenchanter has a buffer of 128 J)


Auto Enchanter

The Auto Enchanter is a machine that is used to apply Enchantments via Enchanted Books onto Slimefun Items. The amount of enchantments on the enchanted books determines the amount of time the item will take to enchant. Enchantments that do not work on items, (ex. Efficiency on a Sword), will be applied but won't take extra time. The machine will output the item and a normal book.

Energy Usage


Carbon Press

The Carbon Press is used to condense charcoal into coal, coal into carbon, carbon into compressed carbon.

4 Charcoal1 Coal
8 Coal1 Carbon
4 Carbon1 Compressed Carbon
8 Steel Ingot1 Steel Plate
4 Stone Chunk1 Cobblestone
8 Reinforced Alloy Ingot1 Reinforced Plate

Charging Station

The Charging Station charges Jetpacks and other chargeable items when they are put inside. They will remain in the input section of the machine until they are fully charged, then they will be moved to the output section automatically. The Charging Station charges items at an average rate of 8.3 J /sec

List of things that can be charged in a Charging Station:

  • Electric Jetpack
  • Multi-Tool
  • Jetboots

128 J Buffer

Coal Generator

The Coal Generator is an Average Generator. Despite calling the machine a "Coal" Generator, the Coal Generator can use many types of fuels. The fuels that can be used also can be used in a vanilla furnace. Since Wooden Planks and Logs generate the same amount of power, it is recommended that you break logs into planks. Using a Sawmill will increase the amount of power generated per log.

Power Generation (Coal Generator has a 64 J Buffer)


Combustion Generator

The Combustion Generator is an Advanced generator. It uses Oil as fuel. Oil can be placed in a Refinery to be turned into Fuel, which burns for longer in the Combustion Generator, generating more fuel. The bucket will be returned once the fuel is completely used.

Energy Usage (Combustion Generator has a 256 J Buffer)


Crop Growth Accelerator

The Crop Growth Accelerator uses Fertilizer to increase the crop growth speed in a radius.

Energy Capacitor

An Energy Capacitor is used for storage of energy throughout an energy system. It mostly is used as a battery backup when you run out of fuel for a generator or the sun goes down while using a Solar Generator. They are also used as wires, to expand your energy network.

They are also used in the crafting of some other machines, i.e. the Fluid Pump.



Electric Dust Washer

The Electric Dust Washer washes sifted ore to produce the various dusts.

Electric Ingot Factory

The Electric Ingot Factory can be used to smelt dusts into ingots.

Electric Furnace

The Electric Furnace is a replacement for the vanilla furnace, but it uses electricity instead of fuel. It smelts vanilla ores, but it will not turn Slimefun Dusts into Ingots or Alloys.

Energy Usage


Electric Gold Pan

The Electric Gold Pan will turn any Gravel put into it into Sifted Ore. It has the same function as a Gold Pan.

Energy Usage


Output Percentages


Electric Ore Grinder

The Electric Ore Grinder is used to grind cobblestone into gravel, netherrack into sulfate, iron ore into iron dust, gold ingots into dust, etc. Here are some examples.

Iron Ore2 Iron Dust
Gold Ore2 Gold Dust
16 Netherrack1 Sulfate
1 Sifted Ore1 Crushed Ore
1 Crushed Ore1 Pulverized Ore
1 Pure Ore Cluster1 Tiny Pile of Uranium
1 Cobblestone1 Gravel
1 Gold Ingot1 Gold Dust
1 Gold Ingot (4-Carat)1 Gold Dust

Energy Regulator

An Energy Regulator is necessary for any transfer of energy between machines, generators, and stored energy, and it will tell you the collective amount of energy is inside all of the machines, generators, and capacitors that are inside the Regulator's range of effect. They can transfer energy through machines up to 7 blocks through straight lines (no diagonals) before the signal runs out. You can expand this Range via Energy Capacitors

Electric Smeltery

The Electric Smeltery can craft slimefun ingots that take multiple ingredients. This will not work for single dust ingots such as iron, for which you will need the electric ingot factory. This will however craft some very complex ingots such as Reinforced Alloy Ingots.

EXP Collector

The EXP Collector is a machine that collects nearby XP in a 7x7 radius and turns it into Flasks of Knowledge. It is useful for mob grinder automation. It does not require Empty Flasks of Knowledge to operate, just electricity.

Energy Usage: 20 J/sec

Buffer: 1024 J

Fluid Pump

The Fluid Pump, when placed over static or running fluid, (water, or lava) will continuously fill buckets with that fluid.

Food Composter

The Food Composter uses Organic Food to make Fertilizer.

Food Fabricator

The Food Fabricator Tin Cans and crops to make Organic Food. Crops include wheat, carrots, potatos, seeds, beetroot, melon, and apple.


The Freezer freezes water into ice, ice into packed ice, and packed ice into reactor coolant cells.

Heated Pressure Chamber

The Heated Pressure Chamber turns a Carbon Chunk into a Synthetic Diamond, and Raw Carbanado into Carbanado.

Lava Generator

The Lava Generator is an Average generator. It is one of the most simple generators, only having one fuel that can be used for it, Lava Buckets. The bucket will be returned once the lava is completely used.

Fuel: Lava Bucket

J per sec: 20 J/sec

Time: 40s

Total: 800 J


The Multimeter measures the ammount of stored energy in a block.

Nuclear Reactor

The Nuclear Reactor requires cooling! It must be surrounded by water, and must be supplied with Reactor Collant Cells.

Buffer: 16384 J

J per sec: 500 J/sec

FuelLastsJ/sJ in total
Boosted Uranium25m500750K


(Above image: 1 nuclear reactor set up. It is surrounded by water, has a reactor access port 3 blocks above it, and an energy regulator connected to one side. Below image: 3 nuclear reactors set up, one on top of the other, each with reactor access ports 3 blocks above them, and the two upper reactors connected to the power network using capacitors between the reactors, and the energy regulator.


Nuclear reactors have two modes, electricity, and production. When in electricity mode, your network will focus on power generation. If your energy network doesn't need power, it will not produce any. When in production mode, your reactor will focus on producing goods. If your energy network doesn't need power, it will continue to run and simply will not generate any power in the mean time.


Programmable Androids

Programmable Androids can be placed down and powered using their respective fuel to automate tasks such as mining cobblestone, butchering monsters or animals for their drops, harvesting crops, fishing, or even woodcutting.

Generally, androids would have an Android Interface (Items) and Android Interface (Fuel) block placed next to them, which you can program them to interact with.

There are 3 tiers of Programmable Androids which each take different kinds of fuel; Programmable Android, Advanced Programmable Android, and Empowered.

Programmable Android
Fuel TypeAmmount Gained
Coal Block800
Blaze Rod45

Advanced Programmable Android
Fuel TypeAmmount Gained
Lava Bucket100
Bucket of Oil200
Bucket of Fuel500
Empowered Programmable Android
Fuel TypeAmmount gained
Boosted Uranium3000

Reactor Access Port

The Reactor Access Port allows you to interact with a reactor via cargo nodes, and can also be used as a buffer. It must be placed 3 blocks above the reactor.


A Refinery refines oil to create fuel.

Solar Generator

The Solar Generator is an easy generator for getting power since it requires no fuel and inexpensive cost. While it easily generates power, it has the downside of not generating any power during the night (exception of the Energized version), so you are unable to use most machines for a long time during night. Energy Capacitors are recommended so you can use machines during the night.

Power Generation


Wither Assembler

The Wither Assembler uses soulsand, and wither skulls to spawn in withers like a spawner. The machine stillrequires 4 soulsand and 3 wither skeleton skulls to create 1 wither. 

Cargo Management

Cargo Motor
The Cargo Motor is necessary in order to create a fully functioning Cargo Management System. One Cargo Motor is used to craft the Cargo Manager, as well as an additional one for every four Cargo Node (Connector)s crafted.

Cargo Manager
The Cargo Manager is the core machine that powers the rest of a Cargo Management System. Its signal has a five block range in any direction (not diagonally). If a Cargo Node (Connector) is placed within that range, the signal will be extended an additional five blocks from the Connector Node's location. When right clicked, the Cargo Manager will toggle visibility of the Cargo Net Visualizer, or the system's signals and connections.


Two or more Cargo Managers will not work if placed within a 6 block radius of each other in every direction (not diagonally). If this happens, its status will display "Status: Offline" and it will not have any signal.

Cargo Node (Connector), Cargo Node (Input), Cargo Node (Output), and Advanced Cargo Node (Output)

Connector Node
The Connector Node is used to lengthen the signal between an Input Node and an Output Node. Without a Connector Node, a system's signal will only extend five blocks from the Cargo Manager(not diagonally). If, at least five blocks from a Cargo Manager, a Connector Node is placed, then the signal will be extended an additional five blocks from the Connector Node's location. Right clicking a Connector Node will show whether or not it's connected to a Cargo Channel.

Input Node
The Input Node will always be the beginning of a Cargo Channel and placed on the sides or top of a container. When placed, the Input Node will remove items from a container and carry them into the rest of the Channel depending on how its toggleable settings were configured. There may be more than one Input Node in a single Channel.

Output Node
The Output Node, when placed on the top or sides, will collect items from a Cargo Channel and put them into a container. When right clicked, a menu will be opened to change the Output Node's Channel

The Advanced Output Node has the same function as the Output Node, however it has the same variety of settings as the Input Node. This additional set of settings allows for much more complex item transportation.

The items put into this category will be used to determine which items will be transferred through the connected Channel. This is typically used for sorting, which allows for complex storage systems, junk filtration, and only letting certain items enter/exit machines.

When set to whitelist, no items will be carried through the Channel unless specified in the items grid. When set to blacklist, however only the items inside the grid will be permitted.

If no filtration is required, the Node can be set to Blacklist with no items in the grid.

Include Sub IDs/Durability
When toggled on, the Node will sort items based on their durability. When toggled off, the Nodewill not take durability into consideration when filtering items.

Round Robin Mode
Round Robin Mode forces the Node to evenly distribute items throughout the Channel, as opposed to, by default, prioritizing the first output.

Include Lore
When toggled on, the Node will sort items based on their lore. When toggled off, the Node will not take lore into consideration when filtering items.

Trash Can
When the Trash Can is right clicked, an inventory is opened where you are able to place any items inside to be disposed of. Any items placed will be disposed of forever immediately after. The Trash Can can be implemented into a Cargo Management System.