Scottish Build Competition

Scottish Build Competition


Judging the 25th January

After the success of the Christmas Build Competition we are having our second. Its time to get your tartan out, grab a bit of shortcake and make an amazing Scottish inspired build.

How to take part:

Write a book with your name or team name (add the names of your teammates) and post it in the mail box in the hall of Moo's House. /warp Moos_House.

I need inspiration:

This video lists all vast number of Scottish things all sung by John Barrowman. Watch Here

What can I win:

The more builds in the competition the better the prizes..

:gift: 1st Prize will start at £15 of store credit and will go up by £5 for each 3 builds in the competition. This is uncapped. More builds more money.   

:gift: 2nd Prize 5 Mythic Keys (same as above)   

:gift: 3rd Prize 5 Epic Keys (same as above)


Teams will count as 1 build and you cannot submit your own build and be part of a team build. 

Good Luck:

Good Luck and I cannot wait to see what you build.